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I follow the Twitter feed (@ratemyplace) of Staffordshire Local Authorities’ RateMyPlace website which publishes details of food safety inspections reports and hygiene rating scores across the county.  The website has a search facility where you can search for a particular premises by name or address or you can view a list of premises in a particular town.  If you are searching by town note that there is Burntwood, Chasetown and Chase Terrace.  While the search is useful for finding individual premises, I was curious how various food outlets and shops in Burntwood compared so with a few searches I came up with the following, not entirely definitive list.

The list is sorted in descending rating order and alphabetically within each rating. I have split the list in two so that the first part deals with food outlets such as cafes and pubs and the second part deals with supermarkets, convenience stores, butchers etc.

Be aware that the list is not live so these ratings apply only until a premises is re-inspected which, from what I have seen, can be up to two years.

 Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants, Takeaways etc

Premises Date Rating
Burntwood Leisure Centre Cafe Inspire  10/02/2012
Chase Balti Takeaway  01/08/2011
Chase Park Cafe  12/07/2011
Dominos Pizza  21/02/2011
Drill Inn  08/02/2012
Miners Rest  13/12/2011
Mr P Snack Bar  31/05/2011
Munchies  12/08/2011
Murphy’s Cafe  10/08/2012
Nags Head  19/02/2011
No. 7s Night Club  11/07/2012
Sankeys Fish Bar  31/01/2012
Sidings Tea Room  05/01/2012
South Shore Cafe  16/10/2012
Star Hotel  11/05/2012
The Foresters Tavern  16/08/2011
The Gourmet  19/04/2012
The Nelson Inn  20/03/2012
The Redmore Inn  04/08/2011
Toms Chinese Takeaway  05/05/2011
Ye Olde Windmill  07/12/2011
Dippers Dina  12/07/2011
Fown Lin Chinese Takeaway 17/05/2012
Khan’s Kitchen  16/05/2012
Parkhill Fish Bar  08/06/2011
Sea Queen Fish Bar  19/01/2012
Station Cafe  12/09/2011
The Trident  06/07/2012
China Chef  28/10/2011
India Spice  05/07/2011
Joe’s Pizza Company  11/01/2012
Naseeb Balti House  19/10/2011
Queens Fish Bar  05/10/2012
Ring ‘O’ Bells  16/02/2012
Ruby Takeaway  04/11/2011
Superb Chinese Takeaway  30/03/2012
The Village Balti Takeaway  27/10/2011
The White Swan  15/10/2010
Uxbridge Arms  29/06/2011
Victoria Inn  19/07/2011
Mayflower Chinese Takeaway  06/12/2011
Spice Lounge  08/03/2012
Cottage of Content  13/04/2012
Olympus Fish Bar  08/08/2011
The Rag 10/10/2012
Aashiqs  12/03/2012
Chase Chicken  24/07/2012


Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Butchers etc

Premises Date Rating
Bakeaway 06/01/2012
Co-Operative (Swan Island) 18/10/2011
Morrisons 28/02/2012
One Stop Stores 18/04/2012
Springhill Service Station 10/08/2009
Cooltrader 13/10/2010
Eastgate Stores 14/09/2011
Spar & Subway 31/01/2012
Chasetown Bakery 13/02/2012
Chase Butchers 24/10/2011
Co-Operative Food (Morley Rd) 14/07/2011
Corner Stores 17/10/2011
Cost Cutter Dehal Superstore 23/06/2010
S Whitehouse Butchers 26/07/2011
V N Best 28/05/2012

The ratings are described as follows:

  1. Urgent improvement necessary
  2. Major improvement necessary
  3. Improvement Necessary
  4. Generally Satisfactory
  5. Good
  6. Very Good


As I  said at the beginning, this is by no means a definitive list, but it gives some idea of the range of food standards across Burntwood.  The majority are at the “Generally Satisfactory” standard or above which is a good sign but there may be some surprises in there for some people.

Personally speaking, I steer clear of any premises with less than a 3-star rating, particularly if there has been no improvement from the previous report.  The worst of the bunch on the cafes, pubs and restaurants with scores of zero are pretty shocking and I am surprised to see The Rag with only one star as it has a good reputation locally, so it shows what goes on behind the scenes can be kept hidden from customers.  In the shops category, VN Best drags along at the rear having never achieved higher than a 2-star rating since opening and the latest report showed the same deficiencies as the previous one so no effort was made to improve.


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Burntwood Town Shopping Centre Update

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Following my earlier post regarding the progress of the administration of Capital Properties (GB) Ltd and Capital Properties (NW) Ltd, owners of Burntwood Town Shopping Centre, I was prompted by a reader to check for the latest update report from the administrators.  The due date had passed by without me noticing!

The latest report, dated 11th June 2012, can be obtained here.  There does not appear to be a great deal of new information apart from some of the properties have been sold or are in the hands of solicitors for sale (see sections 3.10 to 3.15), although the Burntwood site is still showing on the PAG website as being for sale (green dot above Birmingham).  Rental is still being collected on behalf of the administrators and Litigation against Capital’s owner and Director Michael Jackson Oates is ongoing.

The next report is due no later than 9th December 2012.  If anyone has any additional information please feel free to post a comment.

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Chasetown Teams in Appeal for Young Footballers

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A friend of mine, who is involved in coaching local youth teams asked me to promote their call for players and coaches to join the squads.   I’m more than happy to oblige so I’ll repeat the post I’ve published on Lichfield Live and Burntwood Live  here:

Chasetown Youth are looking to recruit new players for both the boys and girls teams for the upcoming 2012/2013 season.

If you are under 18 and want the chance to play why not come along and try out your skills.

We are also looking to give experienced and up-and-coming coaches the chance to get involved with our club.

For more information contact Jason on 07507 137 928.


Chasetown Girls Team - Training Session

Chasetown Girls Team – Training Session


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We’ll Meet Again, Chasewater

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Our second stop yesterday was at the local “We’ll Meet Again” event held at Chasewater Light Railway.  The event was organised by Always Red Events (@office_ARE on Twitter) and well promoted locally and on Twitter.  It was a vintage-inspired event with live music, vintage vehicles and plenty of stalls selling an array of mostly vintage items including homewares, clothing and craft wares.

When we arrived the live music was courtesy of a fantastic set by Karl Memphis and The Jailhouse Rockers who had the place buzzing.    In fact the music was the making of the event in my opinion as it added to the whole vintage vibe with many of the stall holders  dressed in 40s/50s clothes.  We didn’t catch the other music acts but others have reported that they were equally good.  Sipping a Mojito from the cocktail bar while browsing the stalls listening to Karl and the band made for a pleasant hour or so and the steam train added to the ambience.  I hope the event was deemed a success by the organisers and that it will return next year, possibly even bigger and better.

Update:  Other bloggers have commented that the vintage eras didn’t fit and that there was a lack of food choice.  I partially agree with the the former, although I don’t think it really mattered that the music era differed from the clothing era and the steam era, as it was all in keeping with the vintage theme.  The food complaint I can understand as I didn’t notice any hot food available unless I missed it and didn’t need it at the time.  That is easily fixed for next time though.

Again, the weather was a bit hit and miss which prevented me getting any decent photos outside but I took a few inside.

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Open Garden: Ogley Road, Brownhills

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Yesterday, friends of ours opened their garden for the first time as part of the National Garden Scheme.  They have spent the last four years turning the back garden of their home in Ogley Road, Brownhills from a plain lawn to their own vision of a garden retreat.  It has become their passion and they have opened it to the public for two days a year to raise money for charity and to showcase what can be achieved in the back garden of an unassuming urban home.  The entrance fees charged by gardens in the scheme go to the national NGS charities which include cancer charities,  hospices, support for carers and the National Trust.  Any extra income from the sale of drinks and food can be donated to any charity nominated by the Gardeners themselves, which in this case was for local Arthritis support.

It’s the first time we’ve visited an open garden and we may try a few more to get inspiration for our own currently uninspiring garden at home.

The weather was hit and miss yesterday but fortunately it didn’t seem to put too many people off and there was a steady flow in and out.  I took a few photos while I was wandering around so I’ve posted them below.  Because the garden is long and narrow, the one shot I couldn’t get was a wide-angle from the back of the house as there were always too many people in shot.

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